Monday, 14 March 2011

Wolf Animation

I started the day thinking "Let's do a nice animation about an animal." I wanted to do a dog but there were so many different kinds and all different shapes, and then thought that a generic wolf would be a lot easier to study.
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These are most of my wolf studies, first of their skeleton and articulation, then just drawing images from the internet with consideration of their skeleton in mind as I drew. Even though I couldn't get a video of a wolf jumping the way I wanted, after the studies I was still able to make a nice looking movement test.

This is just a movement test, the intention is just to get the limbs moving in the right way with the right timing, so that I can animate it later at a nice or dramatic angle and more in proportion. My only criticism with the movement in this is that the Wolf doesn't seem to put enough energy into the jump and almost just flies over, but I didn't want to over emphasise the movement or make it look cartoony. I must say though, for not having drawn wolves before and being so afraid of animating quadrupeds, I am very pleased with the outcome so far. 

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