Monday, 28 February 2011

Getting Started on Exploring

For Exploring animation I needed an animation to do, make move beautifully
and then clean it up beautifully, I got too scared of wasting time deciding what
to animate so just drew a generic person and made him do what I first thought of.

The position of his right hand is erratic and his shoulders aren't in the right
position for how bent over he is meant to be at the start.
However this animation is a start and it satisfies my intention to practice
character animation. Also it can be touched up and then be used to
practice different clean up styles and media on.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

REVELATION! Regarding the manipulation of Armatures in Flash

As I suspected, with just a little more experimentation into the IK Bones in flash, I found I could control the the armature the way I wanted by holding Shift to rotate a segment manually and Control to translate a segment manually. Also in the timeline, that I thought at first was uneditable without cutting and pasting every keyframe, I can select and move sections by holding Control. I still need practice with them but I am excited that it is now possible and that the IK Bones are now to my mind a very viable tool for any flash cut out animation.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Using Inverse Kinematics in Flash

On the 21st of Feb I set out to learn how to animate in a cut out style using flash.
I found that there are two ways without placing each piece in each frame manually,
on is using inverse kinematics and another by using pivots.

The animation below is using Inverse Kinematics. It was a very quick test of
the process which I found to be very quick but difficult to fully control.

My new blogsite!

Not new as in the other is old, but a new, separate one that my course tutors can follow what I'm up to on. I just wanted a simple template, and it just so happened to be pink. I know having a colour conflicting with my main blog site isn't really that much of a good idea, but I think I want to keep it pink.